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A review of TRAFFIC's work

Read about our outstanding achievements made between July 2008 and June 2010

A Our progress - how successful were we in achieving our conservation goals?

1 Early warning

TRAFFIC's Early Warning programme aims to catalyse responses to new and emerging knowledge about wildlife hunting, harvest and trade levels, patterns and trends.


2 Flagship species

TRAFFIC’s Flagship Species programme aims to catalyse urgent action for emblematic threatened species that act as flagships of wider trade and conservation challenges.


3 Wildlife resources

TRAFFIC's wildlife resources programme supports trade measures that help encourage sustainable practice within some major wildlife resource sectors

4 Wildlife trade routes

TRAFFIC takes focused action along priority trade routes to reduce wildlife trade threats to priority centres of biodiversity, species and resources


B Our finances

1 How much income we received—and where we spent it

A summary of our most recently audited accounts

 2 Where did we get our funds?

With a special thanks to all our donors, who make our work possible

C Who we are - meet our staff

Meet the team who make TRAFFIC such a vibrant place to work