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Hi, I'm Ivory Bill

From now until September this year, I'll be on display during the famous Edinburgh Festival in the UK where's there's a Jungle City this year.

Below you can read all about me, and why I'll be there in Edinburgh.


Bid for Ivory Bill on eBay

Update: the final bid price for Ivory Bill was £810 pounds - many thanks to the anonymous bidder.

Cambridge, UK, 2nd October—There’s only hours to go for your chance to become the proud owner of Ivory Bill, TRAFFIC’s hornbill statue that featured prominently in this year’s Edinburgh Jungle City 2011 event by placing the winning bid for him on eBay.

Organized by Elephant Family, Jungle City 2011 is raising funds for conservation of elephants and other wild animals in Asia’s rainforests.

Around 200 painted statues of animals ranging from Orangutans to crocodiles and Tigers were painted by professional artists and put on display around the City of Edinburgh, UK, this summer to raise awareness of the plight of the species in the wild.

Now the statues are being auctioned on eBay to raise funds for conservation, with TRAFFIC benefitting from the sale of Ivory Bill – but hurry; the bidding closes around 5 pm UK on Sunday 2nd October.

Ivory Bill was painted by renowned wildlife artist Richard Allen and sponsored on behalf of TRAFFIC by Joachim and Pereshia Berlenbach and their friends in recognition of Joachim’s 50th birthday.

So, if you wish to own a truly unique piece of artwork by Richard Allen, and help support TRAFFIC’s conservation work, now’s the time to place a bid.



Time for bidding! 

You can bid right now and become the proud owner of Ivory Bill - but hurry...the bidding closes just after 5 pm local time on 2nd October...


Meet the artist day



24th September - and Ivory Bill surveys the crowds in St Andrew square, accompanied by his creator, artist Richard Allen





On display

Ivory Bill, photographed in St Andrew Square by Manda Panda Gliddon.

Here's Manda's gallery of Jungle City statues.


Out on display




6th September—Ivory Bill is out on tyhe streets of Edinburgh from today, along with all the other statues that are part of the Jungle City event.


Ivory Bill unveiled for Jungle City 2011

"Ivory Bill" the statue sponsored by Joachim and Pereshia Berlenbach on behalf of TRAFFIC, soon to appear in the Jungle City event in Edinburgh Click photo to enlarge Cambridge, UK, 12th August 2011—TRAFFIC today unveiled “Ivory Bill”, a hornbill statue that will be on display this August and September, when Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh, will be transformed into a jungle, filled with iconic animals.

The Jungle City event will feature 130 life size sculptures of some of the planet’s most endangered species and aims to raise GBP1 million for their survival.

A number of conservation charities, including TRAFFIC, were invited to host a statue. At the end of the event, these statues will be auctioned to raise funds for their respective charities.

The remainder of the statues will be auctioned to raise funds for Elephant Family, the organizer’s of this year’s event, to support their work to save Asian Elephants and other animals that share elephant habitat, such as Tigers and Orangutans, from extinction in the wild.

TRAFFIC’s statue—kindly sponsored by Joachim and Pereshia Berlenbach and their friends in recognition of Joachim’s 50th birthday—has been painted by renowned wildlife artist Richard Allen who has painted it to give it the appearance of ivory.

“The link between hornbills and elephants may not be immediately obvious, but the there are a number of ways in which the two overlap,” says Richard Allen.

“The solid bill-casques of Rhinoceros Hornbills have for centuries been used as an ivory substitute, and carved into decorative items and traded widely.”

Allen also points out the similarity in their geographic ranges—both are found only in Africa and Asia, and also in their habitats.

Hornbills, like elephants are powerful flagship species for conservation efforts in both continents.

The statues are destined to become highly collectible works of art, and will grace The Royal Botanic Gardens from mid-August before being unleashed onto the streets of Edinburgh throughout September.

Afterwards, it will be possible to bid online for Ivorybill and other statues in the exhibition between 23rd September and 2nd October, when the auction closes.

Last year Elephant Family helped organize the highly successful Elephant Parade 2010 in London, when TRAFFIC’s Tigerphant statue sold at auction for GBP14,000, a sum that helped support our work on trade in Asian Elephants.