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Romania holds first CITES training seminar

Participants at a TRAFFIC-organized training seminar on CITES implementation, held recently in Romania © TRAFFIC Click to enlarge
Cambridge, UK, 17 May 2007—Thirty enforcement officers from across Romania gathered for a CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) training seminar, organised by TRAFFIC last week.

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Asian crime syndicates based in Africa fuel illegal ivory surge

Unworked African Elephant tusks and ivory ornaments on sale at the Mercado do Artesanato, Benfica, Angola, in 2005 © A. Pole/TRAFFIC Click to enlarge
Cambridge, UK/Harare, Zimbabwe, 10 May 2007—Asian-run organized crime syndicates based in Africa are being implicated in the increase in illegal trade in elephant ivory, says a newly released study by TRAFFIC.

TRAFFIC’s report is based on an analysis of almost 12,400 ivory seizure cases from 82 countries recorded since 1989 in the Elephant Trade Information System (ETIS) – the world’s largest database of elephant product seizure records.

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Philippines workshop on wildlife crime

Humphead Wrasse, an Endangered coral fish, were recently seized from a Chinese fishing vessel close to a Philippine marine protected area © Cindy Cheng/WWF-Hong Kong Click to enlarge
Manila, Philippines, 07 May 2007—This week the Philippine Judicial Academy (PHILJA) of the Supreme Court of the Philippines is to host its first national workshop on wildlife crime and prosecution.

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Tiger meat on the menu

An ITN team reported it has proof tiger meat was on sale at a Chinese tiger farm © Save the Tiger Fund Click to enlarge
Cambridge, UK, 23 April 2007—An international coalition of conservation groups is calling on the Chinese government to open an immediate investigation into China’s largest tiger farm after a Beijing-based news team revealed it has proof the farm’s restaurant serves tiger meat.

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TRAFFIC, WWF call for action on poaching and China tiger trade ban

Wealthy tiger farm investors in China are hoping to profit from sales of tiger products © Kirsten Conrad Click to enlarge
Kathmandu, Nepal, 18 April 2007—The International Tiger Symposium closed today with the world’s leading tiger experts and delegates from 12 countries agreeing that poaching is a leading threat to tigers that urgently needs to be addressed.

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TRAFFIC wins Mazda Wildlife Fund 2007 award

Top Five Mazda Wildlife Fund Projects 2007. Left to right: Hal Feder (Ford Motor Company), award winners Ed Farrell, Vhangani Silima, Dr Jim Taylor, Dr Vicky Ahlmann, David Lindley, David Newton (TRAFFIC), Humphrey le Grice (Mazda Wildlife Fund) and Paul Vorster (Mazda Wildlife Fund Advisory Board) Click to enlarge

Cambridge, UK, 11 April—The TRAFFIC East/Southern Africa regional office has been recognized as one of the top five conservation achievers in 2007 at a conference hosted by Mazda.

Mazda, through the Mazda Wildlife Fund, is committed to environmental conservation, which is now a worldwide issue, dramatically changing the attitudes of consumers and the way large corporations do business.

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CITES: TRAFFIC Recommendations made public

One CITES Proposal concerns Red Coral, a species commonly used to make jewelry © Crawford Allan/TRAFFIC Click to enlarge
Cambridge, UK, 11 April 2007—TRAFFIC’s Recommendations on the proposals to amend the Appendices of CITES (the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) have been released today.

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Turtle poachers apprehended

Poachers have been caught with almost 300 marine turtles in Malaysian waters © WWF-Canon / Roger LeGUEN Click to enlarge
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, 29 March 2007—For the second time in three days, Chinese fishing boats in Malaysian waters off Sabah have been seized carrying cargoes of endangered marine turtles. On 26 March, a boat carrying 72 mixed Green and Hawksbill turtles was apprehended and six people arrested. Three days later, poachers were caught red-handed with a cargo of 220 Green and Hawksbill Turtles.

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$22 million boost for law enforcement in Canada

An Environment Canada Wildlife Enforcement officer inspects a shipment of stuffed birds—Snowy Owl, White-billed Diver and Harlequin Duck © TRAFFIC Click to enlarge
Canada, 27 March 2007—the Canadian House of Commons today approved $22 million to fund an increase in the number of Environment Canada’s Enforcement officers.

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