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Symposium to go beyond enforcement

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Beyond enforcement: Communities, governance, incentives and sustainable use in combating illegal wildlife trade

Symposium to be held 26-28 February 2015, South Africa

Please note this symposium is now fully subscribed, following an extremely enthusiastic response from around the world to our Call for Abstracts. We are very sorry that we are not able to accommodate more people, but will make as much of the symposium material available through this and partner websites as possible. You are also welcome to submit questions for any speaker to Dan Challender at by February 15th. We cannot guarantee there will be space to ask all of them, but we will seek to raise as many as possible.

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Wildlife trade awareness training for media and launch of writing contest in Myanmar

Yangon, Myanmar, 10th December 2014 – From beer bars touting wildlife whiskey to the mass sale of wild birds for merit release, journalists and editors attending a workshop on wildlife trade in Myanmar, quickly found countless stories on wildlife trade and crime to report on.

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Bangkok market hub of illegal trade in endangered tortoises from around the world

Cambridge, UK, 4th December 2014—A new study shows that Bangkok’s Chatuchak market—one of Southeast Asia’s largest wild pet trading centres—has been home to a sustained and illegal trade in highly threatened tortoises and freshwater turtles with consequences far beyond its borders.

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Traders review Brazil-Belgium timber trade

Ghent, Belgium, December 2014—A workshop on the European Union (EU) Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan was held at the end of November, specifically for members of the Belgian Timber Importers Federation (BE TIF).

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French wildlife photography festival backs pangolin conservation

Montier-en-Der, France, November 2014—the conservation problems facing pangolins were in the spotlight this year at the Annual Festival de la photo animaliere de Montier-en-Der film festival, where invited pangolin experts from the Tikki Hywood Trust, the IUCN SSC Pangolin Specialist Group and TRAFFIC spoke about the growing threats to these scaly anteaters.

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