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E-commerce, logistics firms commit to protect endangered species

Beijing, China, 2nd September2013—Thirteen e-commerce and logistics companies met last month in Beijing to learn about the high priority being given to addressing illegal trade in wildlife by law enforcement agencies and what expectations this places on the companies for carrying out their commitment to protect endangered species.

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Customs in Thailand seize over 100 kg of ivory from luggage

Bangkok, Thailand, 1st September 2013 – Authorities at Suvarnabhumi International Airport last week discovered 105 kg of ivory hidden in four suitcases in the first seizure of illegal elephant ivory at the airport in over a year.

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TRAFFIC symposium in Japan celebrates CITES and sparks dialogue on sharks

in Japanese

Tokyo, Japan, 27th August 2013—Last week in Tokyo a symposium was held to celebrate 40 years of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and to discuss issues confronting the responsible utilization of sharks.

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Ivory "detector" fraudster sentenced to 7 years in jail

Cambridge, UK, 27th August 2013—A British businessman who sold fake bomb and ivory detectors has been sentenced to seven years in jail by a court in the United Kingdom.

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Engaging the private sector in sustainable management of medicinal plants in China

Beijing, China, 23 August 2013—How can companies trading in and manufacturing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) products in China become more sustainable in their management of medicinal plants supply chains? What are the current harvesting and trade practices in the TCM industry in China? How can the FairWild Standard support the shift towards sustainability in harvesting and trade?

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Royal Thai Police seize live Elephants in clampdown on illegal trade

Thailand, 21st August 2013—The Royal Thai Police have seized more than a dozen unregistered and illegally registered elephants from camps in three provinces in the south of Thailand as part of sweeping investigations into live elephant smuggling and the abuse of elephant identity certification and registration systems.

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Legal reform must shut down Thailand’s ivory trade

Bangkok, Thailand, 12th August 2013—On World Elephant Day (August 12), WWF and TRAFFIC urge Thailand’s Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, to ensure legal reform, including steps outlined in Thailand’s national ivory action plan, deliver on her promise to shut down the country’s trade in ivory.

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China Customs authority’s wildlife detector dog team ready for action


Communicating shark conservation to Chinese communities around the Coral Triangle

Hong Kong, 7th August 2013—As part of its efforts to raise awareness on shark conservation and the need to hamper the illegal trade and consumption of shark products among Chinese communities, WWF-Hong Kong has produced a Chinese translation of the report, “An Overview of Shark Utilization in the Coral Triangle Region.” (PDF, 2.7 MB)

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