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Chinese Customs examine use of wildlife detector dogs

Beijing, China, 5th December 2011—Some of the world’s leading experts on the training and use of wildlife detector dogs met last week in Beijing to exchange information and expertise with their counterparts among China’s Customs officials.

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A wild month for enforcement in Jakarta’s biggest airport

Jakarta, Indonesia, 5th December 2011—Authorities in Indonesia have stopped a string of smuggling attempts during a wild November for enforcement in the country’s largest and busiest airport, including a case of three Slow Lorises stuffed into socks and hidden under a trafficker’s clothes.

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Creative experts devise multi-layered strategies to curtail demand for Tigers and other endangered wildlife species

Hong Kong, 25th November 2011—Efforts to reduce the demand for parts and products from endangered species must effectively address the attitudes, motivations and behaviours that drive this demand if they are to be successful. New and innovative approaches must also be developed for the different groups that can influence the consumer demand for Tigers, rhinos and other endangered wildlife species.

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Recommendations from conservation experts’ meeting available

Montréal, Canada, 24th November 2011—recommendations from the recent Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) preparatory meeting held earlier this month in Montréal have been made public (PDF, 230 KB).

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Experts demand answers

Creative Experts’ meeting on messaging to reduce consumer demand for Tigers and other endangered species

Hong Kong, 21st November 2011—TRAFFIC and WWF are bringing together experts from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from academia to public relations companies, to devise a strategy that aims to reduce—and ultimately curtail—the consumer demand for Tigers and other endangered wildlife species.

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