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“Wild thing” event highlights industry interest in sustainable sourcing

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Nürnberg, Germany—More than 80 participants attended a special event organized by the Institute for Marketecology (IMO) and the FairWild Foundation during February's BioFach 2012—the World Organic Trade Fair—entitled “Wild thing: I think I love you…Wild Plants and the Herbal Industry.”

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Almost 1,500 turtles “crammed like sardines” into suitcases

Update:  Merauke, Indonesia, 2 March 2012 — confiscated Pig-nosed Turtles released back into wild

On 1 March 2012, the Natural Resources Conversation Agency (BKSDA) in Merauke released 1,967 confiscated Pig-nosed Turtles back into the wild.  The turtles were from the two seizures reported below.  

In total, 2,185 turtles had been seized, but 218 died in quarantine. The turtles were being smuggled to Jakarta and then via large-scale traders into the global market.

“The deaths in quarantine are indicative of the high mortality levels incurred in illegal wildlife trade,” said Chris R. Shepherd, Deputy Regional Director of TRAFFIC Southeast Asia. “Often far fewer, if any, animals survive to be returned to the wild.”

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CONSULTANCY OPPORTUNITY: evaluation of forest management capacity building project

Call for tender—As part of the ongoing Amazonia Viva project, TRAFFIC South America invites applications from interested individuals to implement a series of workshops to evaluate the effectiveness of using a participatory approach to build capacity for management, traceability and governance of forestry resources in Atalaya, Tambopata and Tahuamanu in Peru.

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National workshop for Mexico’s enforcement officials

Mexico City, Mexico, 28th February 2012—Wildlife management and enforcement officials from across Mexico met last week to learn new skills and receive new tools and materials  to help them improve the conservation and sustainable use of wild natural resources in the country.

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Karnataka gears up to fight wildlife crime

Karnataka, India, 27th February 2012—Seventy one forests officials met last week to examine methods for Strengthening Wildlife Law Enforcement. The meeting, which took place over the weekend of 18-19th February at Anshi Tiger Reserve, Dandeli in Karnataka, was organized by Karnataka Forest Department with support from TRAFFIC India.

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