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Fish in bags among wildlife menagerie seized at Bangkok airport

Bangkok, 13th April 2012—Ever since their stunning discovery of a tiger cub hidden in a smuggler’s bag in 2010, wildlife authorities at Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport have been on the lookout for others attempting such crazy schemes.

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TRAFFIC launches sustainable wild harvested medicinal plant project in Viet Nam

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Ha Noi , Viet Nam, 9th April 2012—TRAFFIC in co-ordination with the Bac Kan Forest Protection Department (FPD), has launched its first project in Viet Nam to protect plants that rural communities rely upon for traditional medicine. The plants targeted by the project are threatened by unsustainable harvesting and habitat destruction.

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Gabon to incinerate audited ivory stockpiles

Libreville, Gabon, 5th April 2012—As a symbol of its commitment to tackling illegal wildlife trade, Gabon will burn its entire ivory stockpile in the coming months, at a date to be announced shortly.

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Loris trade not so slow

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Jakarta, Indonesia, 3rd April 2012—Despite global efforts to halt the growing demand for slow lorises as exotic pets, the primates continue to be offered for sale, with 50 individuals found in Jakarta’s animal markets over the past fortnight.

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Trans-boundary conservation measures for Argali needed

Vilm, Germany, March 2012—Key conservation stakeholders from Central Asia agreed to improve co-operation for the trans-boundary management of Argali at a meeting recently concluded on the German island of Vilm.

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