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New reports find slow progress on forest governance in key timber producer countries

Cambridge, UK, 4th November 2014—Brazil, Ghana and Indonesia have all made progress towards reducing illegal logging and improving forest governance, but challenges remain. Meanwhile, Lao PDR, has recently begun to prioritise this issue, but its efforts are yet to bear fruit. In all four countries, agriculture, mining and infrastructure development are driving increased deforestation and illegal logging, according to a series of reports launched last week by Chatham House.

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Report reveals changing dynamics of Philippine eel trade

in Chinese l in Japanese

Philippines, 3rd November 2014—Despite the introduction of a precautionary ban on juvenile eel exports, large quantities continue to leave the Philippines to meet high international demand, finds a new joint report from TRAFFIC and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

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Latest TRAFFIC Bulletin helps illuminate orchid, ivory & serow trades

Cambridge, UK, 30th October 2014—The October 2014 issue of the TRAFFIC Bulletin launched today is packed full of fascinating insights into wildlife trade, including features on the orchid trade in Iran, regional economic integration organizations, and wildlife trade in Morocco.

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New study raises alarm over bear bile farming in Lao PDR

Cambridge, UK, 29th October 2014—The number of bears in farms supplying the widespread and expanding bile extraction industry in Lao PDR has tripled in recent years, with strong evidence the animals are illegally sourced from the wild, a new study published in Oryx finds.

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