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Bangkok a hub in recent tortoise trafficking incidents

Bangkok, Thailand, 28th February 2014—Over a period of two weeks, authorities in Thailand, India and Hong Kong have intercepted three significant shipments of rare tortoises and freshwater turtles—all of them destined for or transiting Bangkok in Thailand—and rescued more than a thousand animals from smugglers.

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Uganda to return 2.9 tonnes of impounded ivory to ivory trafficking suspects

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Uganda, 27th February 2014—A high court judge in Uganda has ordered 2.9 tonnes of seized African Elephant ivory be returned to a Congolese national for onward export, despite the cargo having entered the country fraudulently declared as coffee and the fact that any onward export would clearly be in stark contravention of international regulations under CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

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Trade data analysis can unmask illegal fishing activities

Costa Rica, 24th February 2014—Analysis of fisheries trade data provides a highly cost-effective and helpful method for accessing information that can assist in tackling illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, the 4th Global Fisheries Enforcement Training Workshop held last week in Costa Rica was told.

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Over 1,000 frontline officers benefit from TRAFFIC’s training

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 18th February 2014—TRAFFIC’s ground-breaking course on wildlife trade and species identification that has helped develop many trainers within South-East Asia’s enforcement agencies, was held for the second time today.

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Wildlife Department vigilance leads to five leopards seized in five months

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 17th February 2014—Wildlife authorities have arrested two men and seized a leopard—the fifth to be found in raids in Peninsular Malaysia in less than six months.

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Governments commit to decisive and urgent action to tackle global wildlife poaching crisis

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London, UK, 13th February 2014—Heads of State, Ministers and high level representatives of 46 countries, including those most heavily impacted by poaching and illegal trade of wildlife, today committed to taking “decisive and urgent action” to tackle the global illegal wildlife trade.

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UK launches new programme to reduce demand for Tiger parts

London, UK, 12th February 2014—The UK Government today announced its support for a programme to protect and recover wild Tigers by reducing the demand for their bones and other body parts.

The commitment is part of the UK Government’s ongoing support for the Global Tiger Recovery Program (GTRP), endorsed by all 13 Tiger range countries at the ‘Tiger Summit’ held in St Petersburg in 2010 and was made ahead of the London Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade currently taking place and hosted by UK Foreign Secretary William Hague.

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London Conference must take serious action to reduce demand for illegal wildlife products

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London, UK, 11th February 2014—As world leaders arrive for this week’s London Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade, TRAFFIC has called for serious action to reduce consumer demand for illegal products from elephants, rhinos, tigers and other endangered species.

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London wildlife trade conference an opportunity for action

London, UK, 10th February 2014—World leaders should come prepared to take strong action when they attend this week’s London Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade. The two-day event is an opportunity for governments to commit to finally ending the illegal trade in elephants, rhinos, tigers and other wildlife.

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