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Asia unites against poaching

Kathmandu, Nepal 6th February 2015—Representatives from 13 Asian countries committed to comprehensive action to stamp out poaching at the conclusion of a four-day symposium hosted by the Government of Nepal.

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TRAFFIC & WWF campaign receives top media award

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Beijing, China, February 2015—The TRAFFIC and WWF Illegal Wildlife Trade campaign has been recognized for its contribution towards broadening horizons and promoting public welfare at the Global Fashion & Charity Annual Festival held last month in Beijing.

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Recent spate of seizures highlights threat to Critically Endangered turtle

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 2nd February 2015—A recent spate of poaching and smuggling of Palawan Forest Turtles is causing serious conservation concern and driving this Critically Endangered species found only on the Philippine island of Palawan ever closer towards extinction.

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Traditional medicine practitioners in Viet Nam pledge to protect threatened wildlife

Ha Noi, 30th January 2015 – Leading traditional medicine (TM) practitioners in Viet Nam have signed a pledge committing them to refrain from any engagement in illegal wildlife trade or in consumption of threatened wildlife species, including as ingredients in traditional medicine.

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Transportation and logistics sector lends support to global efforts tackling wildlife crime

Bangkok, Thailand, 28th January 2015— Representatives from across the transportation and logistics sector meet later this week in Bangkok for a consultative workshop together with Customs officials, supply chain experts and wildlife professionals in order to find actionable solutions to deter wildlife smuggling activities while strengthening supply chains and corporate policies.

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