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Singapore and Thailand Customs each seize 22 kg rhino horn

20th January 2014–Customs officers in Singapore and Thailand have both recorded significant rhino horn seizures within a few days of one another. In each instance, close to 22 kg rhino horn were seized from the luggage of passengers on their way to Viet Nam.

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2013 worst ever for rhino poaching in South Africa

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South Africa, 17th January 2014—The South African Department of Environmental Affairs revealed official figures today that 1004 rhinos were illegally killed during 2013 in South Africa, the equivalent of nearly three animals a day, making it the worst year ever on record for rhino poaching in the country.

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Europe needs to rid itself of illegal wildlife products

Brussels, Belgium, 15th January 2014—WWF and TRAFFIC strongly support today’s decision by the Plenary of the European Parliament to adopt an EU Resolution on Illegal Wildlife Crime.

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Thousands of pieces of ivory found for sale on Myanmar’s border with China

Cambridge, UK, 13th January 2014—An undercover team from TRAFFIC and Oxford Brookes University have found more than 3300 pieces of ivory and close to 50 raw ivory elephant tusks openly for sale in Mong La, a town on the Myanmar side of the country’s border with China.

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China destroys 6.15 tonnes of seized ivory in an historic move hugely symbolic for demand reduction efforts

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Guangdong, China, 6th January 2014—The Chinese government has destroyed 6.15 tonnes of seized elephant ivory accumulated through enforcement actions in a move signaling that China is firmly behind international action to address rampant elephant poaching and illegal ivory trade.

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Green growth for the TCM industry in China

Lishui, Zhejiang province, China, December 2013—Over 100 representatives from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) companies, government, academia, and NGOs convened in Lishui in November at the inaugural meeting of a project to promote sustainable management of medicinal and aromatic plant resources by the private sector.

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World's rarest tortoise loses face value

Singapore, 16th December 2013 – Conservation organizations fighting to save one of the world’s most threatened tortoises from poachers have resorted to a drastic measure—engraving identification codes onto the animals’ shells to reduce their black market value.

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Rare Malagasy tortoises turn up in luggage seized in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand, 10th December 2013—Royal Thai Customs today seized a bag containing 62 highly threatened Radiated Tortoises Astrochelys radiata and arrested a Malagasy national at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

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Sweet dreams: Traditional and wild scented pillow makes its debut

Slovenia,  December 2013—The first wild-plant products from a European Union-funded Traditional and wild project supporting pilot initiatives to promote sustainable management of wild-collected plants and associated capacity-building for local wild plant collectors in Central Europe have been unveiled.

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