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Reports available as PDFs can be downloaded here. To receive printed copies of these and other reports, please contact or TRAFFIC, The David Attenborough Building, Pembroke Street, Cambridge CB2 3QZ, UK, stating clearly which report(s) you wish to receive and your postal address

NOTE: there is a charge to cover postage costs for hard copies, and to cover photocopying for out of print reports.

Wildlife Cybercrime in China: E-commerce and social media monitoring in 2016 (PDF: 500KB) by Yu Xiao, Jing Guan and Ling Xu (May 2017). TRAFFIC. This document follows on from TRAFFIC's 2015 report that revealed that China’s e-commerce platforms have become major channels for the sale of illegal wildlife products, and assesses the current situation and new developments on this issue.

Flying Under the Radar: Wildlife Trafficking in the Air Transport sector (PDF) by Mary Utermohlen & Patrick Baine (2017). TRAFFIC. Cambridge, UK. This report  examines the overall conclusions that can be drawn from the seizure data contained within the C4ADS Air Seizure Database, maps out the international and domestic transit routes that appear in our data, and details methods used by traffickers.

The Wildlife Connection: Raising Awareness of Wildife Crime Issues in South East Asia (PDF, 5MB) This is the second edition of our newsletter aimed at raising awareness of wildlife crime issues in Southeast Asia. In this edition, we bring you new information about online ivory trade in Indonesia and Thailand. Also, read on to find out more about the links between ambulances, glue and wildlife trafficking.

Going Dutch: An analysis of the import of live animals from Indonesia by the Netherlands (PDF: 3.5 MB)
by Jordi Janssen and Lisa J. Blanken (November 2016). TRAFFIC. Selangor, Malaysia. ISBN no: 978-983-3393-67-1. This report examines Ongoing illegal and unsustainable trade in wildlife between Indonesia and the Netherlands, and highlights several issues as observed in the trade data.

Wildlife protection and trafficking assessment in Kenya: Drivers and trends of transnational wildlife crime in Kenya and its role as a transit point for trafficked species in East Africa (PDF, 3.5 MB) by Sam Weru. (2016). TRAFFIC. ISBN no. 978-1-85850-386-8. This report is an assessment of the status, drivers and trends of transnational wildlife crime in Kenya and its role as a key transit point for wildlife species illegally traded from East Africa.

Captive breeding and ranching: The case for a new CITES mechanism for reviewing trade. (2016). TRAFFIC briefing paper. (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Workshop Proceedings: subregional action planning to strengthen regional collaboration. Support of the Implementation of National Ivory Action Plans (NIAPs) in Central Africa (PDF, 1 MB) by Sone NKOKE Christopher; Paulinus NGEH Chiambeng; Nick AHLERS. (2016). TRAFFIC. Proceedings of a Collaborative Action Planning (CAP) workshop in held Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo in November 2015 under the banner of the USAID-spported Wildlife Trafficking Response Assessment, and Priority Setting (Wildlife-TRAPS) project.

Rapport de l’atelier: action de planification pour renforcer la collaboration sous-régionale. Appui à la mise en œuvre des Plans d’Action Nationaux pour l’Ivoire (PANI) en Afrique centrale (PDF, 2.1 MB) par Sone NKOKE Christopher; Paulinus NGEH Chiambeng; Nick AHLERS. (2016).

 Illegal Wildlife Trade and the European Union: An analysis of EU-TWIX seizure data for the period 2007-2011 (PDF, 1.6 MB)  by Victoria Mundy-Taylor. (2013). Report prepared for the European Commission.

Trading Faces: A Rapid Assessment on the use of Facebook to Trade Wildlife in Peninsular Malaysia by Krishnasamy, K. and Stoner, S. (2016). TRAFFIC. Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

FarirWild News Edition 3, December 2013 (PDF 1.5MB)

FairWild News Edition 2, October 2012 (PDF 1.3MB)

FairWild News Edition 4, December 2014 (PDF 1.5MB)

Countering illegal wildlife trade: Collaborative actions along transportation and supply chains (PDF, 2.3.MB). Outcomes of a workshop organized by TRAFFIC, through the support of USAID and in collaboration with the World Customs Organization (WCO) and IUCN. Bangkok, Thailand, January 2015.

Briefing on wildlife trade in the European Union (PDF, 1 MB). Compiled by TRAFFIC. April 2014.

Biodiversity for Food and Medicine (PDF, 1.7 MB). Biodiversity Indicators Partnership, indicator factsheet 4.5.2.

Wildlife & forest crime: briefing document (PDF, 300 KB) (2013). Joint briefing document by EIA-TRAFFIC-WWF prepared for the April 2013 meeting of the United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ).

Big Wins in the War Against Wildlife Crime (PDF 1.75MB) TRAFFIC and WWF (2013)

A reference guide to the European Union Wildlife Trade Regulations (PDF, 1.5 MB) (February 2013). European Commission and TRAFFIC.

Illegal hunting & the bushmeat trade in savanna Africa: Drivers, impacts & solutions to address the problem
(PDF, 2.5 MB) (2012). P Lindsey et al. Panthera/Zoological Society of London/Wildlife Conservation Society report, New York. 74 pp.

"It’s not my Tiger" (PDF, 1.3 MB) by A. Vaisman. TRAFFIC (2012) (in Russian). A review of Russian wildlife legislation.

Captive bred...or wild taken? Examples of possible illegal trade in wild animals through fraudulent claims of captive-breeding (PDF, 3.5 MB) (2012). Leaflet produced by TRAFFIC's Europe programme.

Développement d’un système de suivi de la viande de brousse en Afrique Centrale: (SYVBAC) (PDF, 1.7 MB) by Stéphane Ringuet (2011).

Creative Experts' meeting on messaging to reduce consumer demand for tigers and other endangered wildlife species in Vietnam and China (PDF, 3.7 MB) (2012). Meeting report, Hong Kong, November 2011. TRAFFIC International

Sensibilisation et Renforcemen des Capacites des Acteurs en Charge du Suivi et de l'applications des depositions legales nationales relatives a la conservation et a la gestion des ressources fauniques dans le tri-national de la sangha- TNS (PDF 1.47MB) (2012) TRAFFIC, Agence Francaise de Developpment, Bundesministorium fur wirschafuche Zuzammenarbait und Entwicklung

Biodiversity: My hotel in action- a guide to sustainable use of biological resources in the Caribbean (PDF 5.17MB) (2012) TRAFFIC, IUCN, Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism, Caribbean Tourism Organisation

Building and Operating Biodiversity friendly hotels in the Caribbean (PDF 1.36MB) (2012) IUCN

Developpement d'un systeme de suivi de la viande de brousse en Afrique Centrale (SYVBAC) (PDF 5.68MB) (2012) Stephane Ringuet, Nathalie van Vliet, Roland Melisch and Germain Ngandjui

Développement d’un système de suivi de la filière ―viande de brousse‖ en Afrique Centrale: SYVBAC (PDF, 1.2 MB) (2010). TRAFFIC Central Africa publication.

Development of a Central African Bushmeat Monitoring System: SYVBAC (PDF, 1.2 MB) (2010). TRAFFIC Central Africa publication.

Trace the source of wildlife: World Biodiversity and Japan's Responsibility (in Japanese) (PDF, 2.7 MB) (2010). Kahoru Kanari (ed). TRAFFIC, Japan office.

Elaboration de la Stratégie et du Plan d’Action  National sur la « viande de brousse » Rapport de l’atelier de Kinshasa – 23-24 septembre 2009. (PDF, 3 MB) by Stéphane Ringuet, Boyzibu Ekhassa, Nathalie van Vliet, Germain Ngandjui & Eva Paule Mouzong (2011). 86pp. TRAFFIC Afrique Centrale, Yaoundé, Cameroun.

Género, alternativas productivas y seguridad alimentaria: la disminución de la cacería comercial en Yasuní como una oportunidad para el mejoramiento de la gobernanza territorial en comunidades Waorani (PDF, 1.4 MB) Ana Puyol, Victor Hugo Inchausty, Bernardo Ortiz & Oscar Yépez. 7pp. TRAFFIC South America.

Wildlife Symposium 2010 (PDF 3.29) TRAFFIC and WWF

Comercio y aprovechamiento de especies silvestres en México: observaciones sobre la gestión, tendencias y retos relacionados (1.3 MB) Adrian Reuter & Paola Mosig. 80pp. TRAFFIC North America

The state of wildlife trade in China: Information on the trade in wild animals and plants in China 2008 (2.8 MB) Edited by Xu Hongfa and James Compton, compiled by Priscilla Jiao. (March 2010). 20pp. Published by TRAFFIC East Asia China Programme

Wildlife trade control: CAFTA-DR Regional Gap Analysis Report
(1.3 MB) (2009). 67pp. TRAFFIC North America. Washington D.C.: World Wildlife Fund. A review undertaken as part of a US Department of State–funded effort to understand the needs to build capacity for better implementation of CITES in Central America and the Dominican Republic. TRAFFIC North America.

Análisis de Vacíos y Necesidades para el Control del Comercio de Vida Silvestre en los países parte del CAFTA-DR (1.2 MB) (2009). 72pp. TRAFFIC Norteamérica. Washington D.C.: World Wildlife Fund.

The state of wildlife trade in China: Information on the trade in wild animals and plants in China 2007 (2.3 MB) Edited by Xu Hongfa and Craig Kirkpatrick. (November 2008). 20pp. Published by TRAFFIC East Asia China Programme

What's Driving the Wildlife Trade?  A review of expert opinion on economic and social drivers of the wildlife trade and trade control efforts in Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR and Vietnam (PDF, 3 MB) (Executive summary, PDF, 620 KB) (October 2008). 103 pp. Published by World Bank and TRAFFIC. This study aimed to generate findings and recommendations that would be useful to governments, non-governmental organizations, donors and others in considering how interventions to reduce illegal and/or unsustainable wildlife trade might be applied more effectively in future.

Wildlife species protected by law in Viet Nam (PDF, 156 KB) 5pp. Published by TRAFFIC Southeast Asia - Greater Mekong Programme. A simple table of wildlife species commonly found in trade in Viet Nam despite being protected by Vietnamese law.

Captive breeding of selected taxa in Cambodia and Viet Nam: A reference manual for farm operators and CITES authorities (PDF, 3.6 MB) by J. Thomson. (2008). 82pp. ISBN: 978 1 85850 245 8. Published by TRAFFIC Southeast Asia - Greater Mekong Programme. As wildlife populations continue to decline and governments look to poverty alleviation schemes to improve local livelihoods, captive breeding of wild species for commercial purposes is becoming more widespread in Southeast Asia.

Wildlife trade in the Russian Far East: an overview (PDF, 2.4 MB) by Sergey N Lyapustin, Alexey L Vaisman and Pavel V Fomenko (2007). 107 pp. (Russian with English summary). Published by TRAFFIC Europe. An examination of the reasons for illicit trade in wild plants and animals in the Far East of Russia, analysing the activities of law enforcement and environmental authorities relating to identification and prevention of this trade, and evaluating the efficacy of measures taken between 1999 and 2006.

Trading Nature: the contribution of wildlife trade management to sustainable livelihoods and the Millennium Development Goals (PDF, 3.1 MB) compiled by Dilys Roe (2008). 84pp. ISBN: 978 1 85850 237 3. A report, with case studies, on the contribution of wildlife trade management to sustainable livelihoods and the Millennium Development Goals. Published by: TRAFFIC International and WWF International.

"Night time spinach" Conservation and livelihood implications of wild meat use in refugee situations in north-western Tanzania (Full report, 900 KB) (Executive summary in French, 337 KB) by George Jambiya, Simon Milledge and Nangena Mtango (2007). 54pp. ISBN: 978 1 85850 231 1. This study takes a focused look at wild meat use in refugee situations in north-western Tanzania, associated impacts, driving forces, and the appropriateness of some of the management interventions taken to date. Published by: TRAFFIC East/Southern Africa

TRAFFIC Briefing paper: Wild meat and food security in refugee hosting areas (English: PDF, 200 KB) (French: PDF, 600 KB) (Swahili: PDF, 600 KB)

A Review of the European Union’s Import Policies for Hunting Trophies (2.8 MB) by Amelie Knapp. (December 2007). 78pp. ISBN 978 2 930490 02 1. This report aims to provide an assessment of the EU’s trade in hunting trophies, noting trends, quantity, origin and destination of trophies imported into the EU through analysis of CITES trade data for the years 2000 to 2004. Published by: TRAFFIC Europe.

CITES "Introduction from the Sea": A practical way forward (383 KB) (2007) pre-print of a Bulletin article detailing the proceedings of a joint TRAFFIC/Ancors workshop

A Briefing Paper on Marking Techniques Used in the Control of Wildlife in the European Union (352 KB) by Amelie Knapp and Alexandre Affre. (November 2007). 25pp. ISBN 978 2 930490 01 4. A compilation and analysis of marking techniques currently in use in the EU Member States, plus a short description of identification and labeling techniques applicable to wildlife specimens. Prepared by: TRAFFIC Europe for the European Commission.

The state of wildlife trade in China: Information on the trade in wild animals and plants in China 2006 (1.4 MB) Edited by Xu Hongfa and Craig Kirkpatrick. (September 2007). 20pp. Published by TRAFFIC East Asia China Programme

A matter of attitude: The consumption of wild animal products in Ha Noi, Viet Nam (888 KB) compiled by Bina Venkataraman (August 2007). 48pp. Published by: TRAFFIC Southeast Asia, Greater Mekong Programme.

Opportunity or Threat? The Role of the European Union in Global Wildlife Trade (1.4 MB) Maylynn Engler, Rob Parry-Jones. (June 2007). 52pp. ISBN 978 2 93049 004 5 

Surveying Wildlife Trade Markets Training Handbook (PDF 1.93MB) (2007)

Forty-fifth Meeting of the TRAFFIC Committee (PDF 8.15MB) (2007) TRAFFIC

  Wildlife Trade in Central and Eastern Europe: A Review of CITES Implementation in 15 Countries (1.6 MB) Katalin Kecse-Nagy, Dorottya Papp, Amelie Knapp and Stephanie von Meibom. (2006). 126pp. ISBN 2 960050 53 3 (ISBN 978 2 960050 53 0). Published by: TRAFFIC Europe–Central Eastern Project Office. This report presents an overview of wildlife-trade related issues in Central and Eastern Europe, including an analysis of the region’s role in global trade in wild animals and plants with a particular focus on species groups that are native to the region and listed in the Appendices of CITES.

Trade in Natural Resources in Attapeu Province, Lao PDR: An Assessment of the Wildlife Trade Executive summary (900 KB) Sarinda Singh, Ramesh Boonratana, Mark Bezuijen & Aloun Phonvisay. (2006). 92pp. Published by: TRAFFIC, MWBP, Vientiane, Lao PDR. For copies of the full report—either as PDFs or printed copies, please contact

Trade in Natural Resources in Stung Treng Province, Cambodia: An Assessment of the Wildlife Trade  Executive summary (708 KB) Sarinda Singh, Ramesh Boonratana, Mark Bezuijen & Aloun Phonvisay. (2006). 92pp. Published by: TRAFFIC, MWBP, Vientiane, Lao PDR. For copies of the full report—either as PDFs or printed copies, please contact

Implementation of Article 16, Council Regulation (EC) No.338/97, in the 25 Member States of the European Union (480 KB) Tobias Garstecki. (2006). 44pp. Prepared by: TRAFFIC Europe for the European Commission, Brussels, Belgium.

Sport Hunting in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Region: An Overview (1.7 MB) by Rob Barnett & Claire Patterson. (October 2006). 115pp. ISBN 0 98025 420 5 (ISBN 978 0 98025 420 4). TRAFFIC East/Southern Africa was contracted under the USAID-funded Network and Capacity Building Programme (NETCAB) to conduct an overview assessment of the sport hunting industry in the SADC region. The project aimed to document and assess the experiences of various countries with a view towards developing generic 'best practice' guidelines

CITES Identification Guide – Hunting Trophies (Chinese edition, PDF, 9.6 MB ) Yvan Lafleur, TRAFFIC East Asia –Taipei (2005). Project by: Environment Canada, TRAFFIC East Asia.

Proceedings of the EU Wildlife Trade Enforcement Co-ordination Workshop (1.4 MB) Edited by: R. Parry-Jones, J. Barnaby, S. Theile. (October 2005). 84pp. Workshop, 25 - 27 October 2005, Buckinghamshire, UK. Published by: Defra and TRAFFIC International.

Trapping a Living: Conservation and Socio-Economic Aspects of the Fur Trade in the Russian Far East (1.1 MB) by Natalia Dronova & Alexander Shestakov. (July 2005). 49pp. ISBN 2 96005 051 7 (ISBN 978 2 96005 051 6). Published by TRAFFIC Europe - Russia. This study reviews socio-economic trends and aspects of hunting and trapping for fur in the Russian Far East, to better understand what role recent socio-economic changes might have played in the increased exploitation of wildlife species of conservation concern.

CITES, Eh? A Review of Canada’s Implementation of CITES Under WAPPRIITA (1.4 MB) by Ernest W. T. Cooper & Nathalie Chalifour. (May 2005). 124pp. ISBN 0 89164 173 4 (ISBN 978 0 89164 173 5). The aim of this report is to ensure that the Convention on International trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) is implemented in Canada with maximum effectiveness.

Proceedings of the International Expert Workshop on the Enforcement of Wildlife Trade Controls in Central Eastern Europe (776 KB) Edited by: Katalin Kecse-Nagy, Dorottya Papp, Caroline Raymakers, Attila Steiner, Stephanie Theile. (2004). 83pp. ISBN 2 960050 50 9 (ISBN 978 2 960050 50 9) (available in Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Slovakian and Slovenian) Workshop, 3 - 4 June 2004, Budapest, Hungary. Covering Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia.

First Choice or Fallback? An Examination of Issues Relating to the Application of Appendix III of CITES to Marine Species (2.5 MB) by Anna Willock, Markus Bürgener & Ana Sancho. (December 2004). 45pp. ISBN 1 85850 207 1 (ISBN 978  1 85850 207 6). This study looks at the appropriateness of Appendix III of CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Wild Species of Fauna and Flora) as a tool for conserving marine species.

Open Season: An analysis of the pet trade in Medan, Sumatra 1997 – 2001 (1.2 MB) Chris R. Shepherd, Jeet Sukumaran, Serge A. Wich. (May 2004). 59pp. ISBN 9 83339 302 0 (ISBN 978 9 83339 302 2). This is the first thorough investigation into the large and diverse trade in live wild animals for pets in Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia. Monthly surveys of the wildlife markets were conducted between 1997 and 2001.

Expanding Borders: New Challenges for Wildlife Trade Controls in the European Union (740 KB) Stephanie Theile, Attila Steiner, Katalin Kecse-Nagy. (April 2004). 29pp. The enlargement of the EU in May 2004 will shift the Union’s external borders further east, placing the 10 newest Member States on the frontline for controlling imports of regulated wildlife to the EU. This report raises concerns about the Lack of co-ordination and co-operation among the relevant enforcement agencies involved in controlling wildlife trade at EU level.

A Question of Attitude: South Korea’s Traditional Medicine Practitioners and Wildlife Conservation (990 KB) by Sue Kang & Marcus J. Phipps. (June 2003). 58pp. ISBN 9 62861 975 6 (ISBN 978 9 62861 975 7).

Focus on EU Enlargement and Wildlife Trade: Review of CITES Implementation in Candidate Countries (1.1 MB) Karin Berkhoudt. (2002). 115pp. The main objectives of this study were to find out whether Candidate Countries have good CITES implementing legislation, what are the needs for further assistance in improving implementation and enforcement and which are the legal and illegal trade trends regarding CITES-listed species.

Hunting of Wildlife in Tropical Forests: Implications for Biodiversity and Forest Peoples (PDF 2.99MB) (2002) Elizabeth L. Bennett and John G. Robinson

Crime and Punishment in the Wildlife Trade (PDF 5.45MB) (2002) Jason Lowther, Dee Cook and Martin Roberts

Proceedings of the International Expert Workshop on the Enforcement of Wildlife Trade Controls in the EU (3 MB) Edited by: Monika Anton, Nicholas Dragffy, Stephanie Pendry, Tomme Rozanne Young. (2002). 376pp. ISBN 9 07524 307 3 (ISBN 978 9 07524 307 9). Workshop, 5 - 6 November 2001, Frankfurt, Germany. Edited by: Susanne Honnef Roland Melisch 2001. 107pp. (bilingual German / English) Symposium, EXPO 2000, Hannover, 13th October 2000. Published by: TRAFFIC Europe. Tagungsband - Proceedings: Medizin und Artenschutz – Herausforderung für Mensch und Natur im neuen Jahrtausend / Medicinal Utilisation of Wild Species - Challenge for Man and Nature in the New Millenium.

The Lion's Share of the Hunt: Trophy Hunting and Conservation: A review of the Legal Eurasian Tourist Hunting Market and Trophy Trade under CITES (584 KB) by Doris Hofer with contributions from Juan Carlos Blanco, Juan Herrero, Roland Melisch, Massimiliano Rocco, Alexey Vaisman & Ellen van Krunkelsveen. (2002). 69pp. ISBN 90 75243 06 5 (ISBN 978 90 75243 06 2). This report aims to provide a basic overview of the Eurasian tourist hunting market. It describes the European demand for foreign hunting, as well as the available facts and figures about the status and relevance of foreign hunting in Eurasian supply countries.

Publicity Initiative for Wildlife Trade Controls in the EU – Targeting Stakeholders (WARNING: scanned PDF 17 MB)  Edited by: Karin Berkhoudt. (September 2002). 163pp. A study conducted by TRAFFIC, covering the period from 1990 to 1994, provided information on the characteristics of the EU market for CITES-listed plant and animal species. The EU was the world’s largest importer of live parrots, importing 1,823,140 specimens during this period (44% of the global trade). Published by: TRAFFIC Europe.

Making a Killing or Making a Living? Wildlife trade, trade controls and rural livelihoods. Biodiversity and Livelihoods Issue No.6 (Executive summary, 52 KB) Dilys Roe, Teresa Mulliken, Simon Milledge, Josephine Mremi, Simon Mosha, Maryanne Grieg-Gran. (March 2002). 114pp. ISBN 1 84369 215 5 (ISBN 978 1 84369 215 7). Published by: IIED, TRAFFIC International. Copies of this report are available from: Earthprint, email:

Towards a Sustainable Wildlife Trade: An Analysis of Nature Conservation in South Africa with Particular Reference to the Wildlife Trade (PDF 9.39MB) Markus Bürgener Nico Synyman Maria Hauck 2001. 61pp. Published by: Institute of Criminology, University of Capetown

CITES & India (Scanned PDF, 16 MB) P by Pushp Jain. (April 2001). 214pp. Published by: Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India, WWF-India and TRAFFIC India.

Towards a Sustainable Wildlife Trade: An Analysis of Nature Conservation Legslation in South Africa with particular reference to the Wildlife Trade (PDF 5.36MB) (2001) Markus Burgener, Nico Synman and Maria Hauck

Badiya… hunter gatherers of doon valley by Jaideep Singh Walia. (July 2001). 158pp. plus photographs. (Hindi and English)

Food for Thought: The Utilization of Wild Meat in Eastern and Southern Africa (Overview, 336 KB) (full scanned PDF: WARNING: 32.5 MB) Edited by Rob Barnett. (2000). 264pp. ISBN 9 96696 980 2 (ISBN 978 9 96696 980 4). Published by: TRAFFIC East/Southern Africa - Kenya. Executive summary (53 KB).

Proceedings of the International Workshop on Enforcing Wildlife Trade Controls in the Russian Far East and North East Asia. June 2000. 97pp. (Available in English and Russian). Workshop, 15 - 19 November 1999, Vladivostok, Russia. Published by: TRAFFIC Europe - Russia.

Wild Animals and Plants in Commerce in Russia and CIS Countries. A. Vaisman, V. Gorbatovsky, Y. Gorbunov, A. Poyarkov, A. Sorokin, P. Fomenko, A. Tsellarius. (1999). 156pp. (English and Russian edition) Published by: TRAFFIC Europe – Russia.

Review of the Significant Trade in Animal Species included in CITES Appendix II (PDF 19.23MB) WCMC, TRAFFIC, IUCN Species Survival Commission (1999)

 Conched Out: A Review of the Trade in CITES- listed species in the UK Overseas Territories in the Caribbean (PDF 250KB) (1999) Crawford Allen

BDSCA - Banca Dati Specie CITES Allevate: Manuale d'uso. A cura di Ilaria Guj by Massimiliano Rocco. (1999). 13pp. Published by: Ministero dell'Ambiente, Servizio Conservazione Natura and TRAFFIC Europe - Italy.

Wildlife Trade in Russia and Central Asia (Executive summary 192 KB) Compiled by: Igor Chestin. (1998). 205pp. ISBN 5 7516 0139 4 (ISBN 978 5 7516 0139 3). (English and Russian edition). Published by: TRAFFIC Europe – Russia.

A World Apart? Attitudes Toward Traditional Chinese Medicine and Endangered Species in Hong Kong and the United States (360 KB) by Samuel Lee, Craig Hoover, Andrea Gaski & Judy Mills. (1998). 80pp. ISBN 0 89161 156 8 (ISBN 978 0 89161 156 1). This report presents the results of in-depth research into the attitudes of consumers on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean. Published by: TRAFFIC East Asia, TRAFFIC North America, WWF-US.

Diagnóstico y Recomendaciones sobre la Administración de Recursos Silvestres en Argentina: La Década Reciente, (un análisis sobre la administración de la fauna terrestre) (Diagnosis and Recommendations on the Administration of Wildlife Resources in Argentina: The Last Decade, (an analysis on the administration of land fauna) by Juan X. Gruss & Tomas Waller. (November 1988). 113pp. (Spanish edition)

Attitudes of Hong Kong Chinese Towards Wildlife Conservation and the Use of Wildlife as Medicine and Food (Executive summary, 84 KB) by Samuel K.H. Lee. (October 1998). 65pp

Attitudes of Hong Kong Chinese Towards Wildlife Conservation and the Use of Wildlife as Medicine and Food (PDF 3.17MB) Samual Kwok Hung Lee (1998)

Report from IUCN/SSC and TRAFFIC to CITES Standing Committee (PDF 483KB) IUCN/SSC and TRAFFIC (1998)

Imports of Indonesian Marine Products into the European Union 1990-1995 Caroline Raymakers (October 1998). 91pp.

Searching for a Cure: Conservation of Medicinal Wildlife Resources in East and Southern Africa (scanned PDF: 10.2 MB; executive summary PDF: 128 KB) Nina T. Marshall. (September 1998). 112pp. ISBN 1 85850 151 2 (ISBN 978 1 85850 151 2). This report presents the results of an 18-month study of the trade in medicinal plants and animals in 17 countries. It identifies 102 medicinal plant species and 29 animal species as priorities for conservation, management or research. It also includes a wide range of general recommendations. Species in Danger series.

Fin, Feather, Scale and Skin: Observations on the wildlife trade in Lao PDR and Vietnam. Trade Review (Scanned PDF, 2.6 MB) Edited by: Stephen V. Nash. (1997). 45pp. ISBN 9 83992 462 1 (ISBN 978 9 83992 462 6). 

Still in Business: The Ivory Trade in Asia, Seven Years After the CITES Ban (PDF 5.27MB) TRAFFIC, Stephen V. Nash (1997)

Food For Thought: The Utilisation of Wild Meat in Eastern and Southern Africa (PDF 24.09MB) (1997) Rob Barnett

Ban on Ivory, Fur and Snake Skin Trade in India. Raj Panjwani June 1997. 36pp.

TRAFFIC Recommendations on Proposals to Amend the Appendices at the Tenth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CITES (PDF 2.98MB) TRAFFIC (1997)

La Red TRAFFIC Recomendaciones sobre las Propuestas para Enmender los Apendices de CITES en la decima reuinon de la Conferencia de las Partes (PDF 3.33MB) TRAFFIC (1997)

Le Reseau TRAFFIC: Recommendations relatives aux propositions d'amendement aux Annexes de la CITES, pour la dixieme ession de la Conference des Parties (PDF 3.29MB) TRAFFIC (1997)

Making CITES Work: Examples of Effective Implementation and Enforcement (659 KB) by Crawford C. Allan. (June 1997). 16pp. This report presents examples of the positive moves that have been made by both governments and agencies to improve implementation and enforcement of the Convention and associated national laws and regulations. The reports aims to encourage others to take these positive initiatives and adapt them to their own circumstances to allow the growth of strong national, regional or issue-specific activities and processes.

South Africa's Wildlife Trade at the Crossroads Ashish Bodasing, Teresa A Mulliken. (January 1996). 48pp. ISBN 0 95840 252 3 (ISBN 978 0 95840 252 1).

Survey of Wildllife Management Regimes for Sustainable Utilisation (PDF 22.28MB) (1996) Timothy M. Swanson, C. Fernandez Ugalde and R. A. Luxmoore

Making CITES Work by Stephen B. Nash. (1994). 25pp. Prepared for WWF UK

Proceedings of the Seminar on International Trade in Endangered Wild Fauna and Flora 1995 (English and Korean edition) A seminar organized by TRAFFIC East Asia with the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Health and Welfare, Republic of Korea. 9 March 1995, Seoul, Republic of Korea. Published by: TRAFFIC East Asia.

Wildlife Trade: A handbook for enforcement staff (scanned PDF, 5.3 MB) Vivek Menon, Raj Panjwani, Pranav Capila, Aarti Sharma, Madhumita Ghosh. (August 1994). 42pp.

Trånsito de Comércio Ilegal de Animais Silvestres no Brasil (1993) Italo Pompeo Sergio Mazzarella (English summary, scanned PDF, 600 KB).

The Control of Wildlife Trade in Greece Elizabeth Fleming. (1993). 51pp. (Greek edition).

Sustainable Use of Wildlife: Views and Perspectives (1993). 86pp.

Problems with the implementation of CITES Article IV in Southeast Asia (PDF 2.06MB) TRAFFIC Southeast Asia (1993)

Guidance on the accession of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to CITES (November 1993). 47pp. Published by: TRAFFIC Southeast Asia and CRES.

CITES, Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles (PDF 3.87MB) (1993) Arnold van Kreveld, Ludwig Jaeger, Bart de Boer

Fur Trade in Kathmandu: Implications for India (scanned PDF 1.2 MB) Joanna Van Gruisen, Toby Sinclair. (1992). 23pp.

Sport Hunting as a Sustainable Use of Wildlife (PDF 4.58MB) (1992) Stephen R. Edwards and Catherine M. Allen

Trade in Exceptional Circumstances: An Analysis of Commerce in Appendix I Animal Species (PDF 9.62MB) Karen Headley (1992)

The Control of Wildlife Trade in Greece Edited by: T De Meulenaer, Julie Gray. (July 1992). 37pp. ISBN 0 94761 384 6 (ISBN 978 0 94761 384 6). This report documents the findings of a survey of wildlife trade prior to the country's ratification of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), but when the country was already bound by its membership in the European Community to enforce the EC CITES regulation. Species in Danger series.

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