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China and ASEAN states join hands to curb illegal wildlife trade

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Nanning, China, 2nd July 2012—Officials from ASEAN member countries and China recently met to enhance collaboration between China’s National Inter-agency CITES Enforcement Coordination Group (NICE-CG) and ASEAN Wildlife Enforcement Network (ASEAN-WEN) to combat illegal wildlife trafficking.

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Gabon’s President destroys ivory and commits to zero tolerance for wildlife crime

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Libreville, Gabon, 27th June 2012—Today, more than 1,200 ivory tusks plus assorted ivory carvings were burned publicly as Gabon sent out a strong signal demonstrating its commitment to tackle elephant poaching and illegal wildlife trade.

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Gabon set to burn thousands of ivory tusks and carvings

Libreville, Gabon, 27th June 2012 – In a bold move against poaching and illegal wildlife trade, Gabon is expected to burn its government-held ivory stockpile today. The decision comes at a time of intense poaching pressure in Central Africa, where the illegal killing of elephants for ivory is at record levels. Gabon’s President Ali Bongo will ignite the ivory pyre later today in Cité de la Démocratie.

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Experts report highest elephant poaching and ivory smuggling rates in a decade

Geneva, 21st June 2012 – Elephant poaching levels are the worst in a decade and recorded ivory seizures are at their highest levels since 1989, according to a report published today by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

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