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Bear bile farming poses ongoing threat to wild bear conservation

Kuala Lumpur 24th August 2012—According to experts, the existence of bear bile farms has not reduced the pressure on wild bear populations. Instead, confiscation records indicate that cubs are routinely taken from the wild, especially from Southeast Asia, to stock bear farms, which supply much of the medicines and products in demand throughout Asia.

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Frontline officers in Thailand learn anti-poaching skills

Bangkok, Thailand, 23rd August 2012—Frontline officers working in one of Thailand’s most important Tiger conservation areas will complete training this week to boost their knowledge and skills in the fight against poaching and illegal wildlife trade.

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“Loose horns”, surging demand and easy money create “perfect storm” for rhino poaching

in Vietnamese l in Chinese

Johannesburg, South Africa, 21st August 2012—A comprehensive new report into the rhino poaching crisis in South Africa documents how poor compliance over rhino horn stockpile management, loopholes in sport hunting policy, and surging demand for horn in Viet Nam created ideal conditions for the involvement of sophisticated criminal networks, leading to a dramatic escalation in poaching in southern Africa.

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Thousands of marine turtle eggs seized - again

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 9th August 2012—In a repeat of events that took place just over a year ago, authorities in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, on Saturday foiled an attempt to smuggle close to 4,000 turtle eggs into neighbouring Sarawak, in Malaysia.

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